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Expert OO developer

I write elegant, accurate and useful code; quickly. It is readable, well documented and speedy to execute. And, being object-oriented it allows you to reuse the code simply across your web application.

PHP 7, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Nodejs, Angular, Composer, XML, AJAX, Git, CakePHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Python, Ruby, TypeScript, Dart

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Skilled project manager

Code shouldn't just be beautiful, it needs to be on budget, on time, well tested and made by happy coders for satisfied clients. I have over 10 years project management experience to make sure your web project is a success.

Agile, Lean, Scrum, Cost management, Programme management, Team leadership, Strategic planning

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Beautiful Front-end designer

Whether you want a really useable and intuitive interface, or great looking buttons I have the right skills to deliver a great user experience, grounded in a sound knowledge of usability engineering.

GUI design, Usability engineering, Heuristic testing, Illustrator, Photoshop

A few recent projects


Docular is the most advanced legal document drafting tool available online. You can pick from hundreds of legal documents, pay online and create an instance of your own personalised document. Docular keeps track of your changes, helps you manage documents and ensures that the output as Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF or HTML is perfectly formatted and ready to sign.

I am responsible for the design, structure, coding and management of the entire project. I'm responsible both for ensuring that customers get a simple, flawless experience and ensuring the system can deliver perfect documents quickly and remain stable.

Hotel-Standards was created in PHP and MySQL using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery and server level technologies.

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Hotel-Standards is the leading application used by hotel chains to manage and disseminate building and design standards for their brands.

The application uses modern web technologies to deliver a highly intuitive and usable experience for architects, engineers, designers and developers to ensure that hotels are built to the correct standards.

I designed, programmed and project managed this application. I’m responsible for the Agile development of the application, negotiating new features with clients and then ensuring they are developed on time, in budget and work the way that best complements the core application.

Hotel-Standards was created in PHP and MySQL using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Hotel-Standards won Best in Hotel & Hospitality Refurbishment and also Best Hotel Design / Management Software at the 2018 BUILD Awards.

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13 Peaks Challenge

The 13 Peaks Challenge is an ultra-running challenge created by Cape Town extreme athlete Ryan Sandes. Ryan and a friend went for a run around the mountains of Cape Town that turned in to a 100km epic. He decided to turn this in to a community challenge and asked me to build a website for him to help promote the challenge to other ultra-runners.

I built a responsive bespoke Wordpress theme for a site that allowed Ryan to manage the content himself, including to easily create good looking blog posts. I created a bespoke plugin to manage the Wall of Honour page that allows athletes to upload their challenge times and photos and have their achievement listed on the site.

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The Cyclists' Alliance

When professional cyclists Iris Slappendel, Garcie Elvin and Carmen Small decided to start a union for women professional cyclists they reached out to a range of different experts. We worked closely with the team and were responsible for creating with the name of the union: The Cyclists' Alliance. We developed the corporate identity including a manual on how to best promote the union through its identity.

We created a website to inform people of the union and allow them to join, and developed and social media strategy to help attract people to the new union and the work it is doing.

We created a range of logos for different uses, social media images, and a website with a CMS. We help The Cyclists' Alliance keep their content up-to-date and looking good.

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Or, call me on +27 071 041 5624

What I'm working on

I'm building an app that tells you the Fire Danger Index anywhere in the world. IT is my first project building a mobile app with Flutter and Dart.

What I'm working on